How can we guide you to inner peace, joy, abundance and Love ?

For companies services (onsite) we need first to have a communication with you on Zoom, Telegram or Whatsapp to know where you are located, how many employees works in your company, and to present you the different services we can bring for you and all employees.

Here is (on right) the telegram and whatsapp contact and of Ananda Laurent, or you can also shoot us an email here and we will contact you soon.

With Love,

Ananda L.

Inner peace trainers

Ananda Laurent

About Ananda
Ph: (+1) 702 763 9551
(PM on Telegram or Whats app)

Anna Love

About Anna
Ph: (+1) 702 629 9106
(PM on Telegram or Whats app)

Eldad Ben-Moshe

Sandrine Lameck

Eric Nasse services for companies

Companies CEOs, managers & employees

What you'll get

  • Support Peace & Love.
  • Onsite venue of peace instructor(s) to train all employees, managers and CEO (1 to 3 weeks).
  • Onsite meditation courses & practices to put in place daily.
  • Online access (for all employees, managers & CEO) to all materials of the website (library, posts/articles, audios/songs & videos).
  • Access on this website to updates every month.
  • Newsletter.
  • Adapted number of hours of video meeting on zoom (per month) available for employees, managers and CEO.
  • On site venue of sound therapist artist(s) (optional).
  • On site venue of contact dance trainer (optional).
  • Seminars (optional).
  • Silent retreat (optional).
  • Ceremonies (optional).
  • Sacred mantra music festival (optional).

Interested to know more?

Please use the contact form to shoot me an email and I will contact you asap to check about your needs and see with you how “I or we” can come to help you.

With Love,

Ananda L.

Thank you Love <3