Suffering is useless, don't loose time...
Be guided to inner peace, joy, abundance and pure Love.
You are not alone <3

What I propose to give you, is what I received for free, from the Holly Spirit, and so it cannot be sold, it is given, it is free and it is yours also if you accept it.

When I made this website, this question of “how can I proceed in the physical world to transmit what I received from the spiritual world ?” was not clear for me at the beginning, because it takes me so much time, money and efforts to make this website that I am no longer able to have a normal job beside.

I spend my time helping our brothers and sisters to get out from mental slavery, most of the time on Zoom private cessions, doing also Satsangs or by posting videos and articles, and this is my greatest joy.

So all the content here is free and I get paid only by donations.

Some of us have temporally more to share than the others, and it makes a natural balance.
So don’t be shy… whatever you can give is perfect and will be for the benefit of all.

All is One, and One is Love.

So helping you is helping mySelf and serving Love.

With Love,

Ananda Laurent

Interested in a private Zoom or Telegram cession?

Please use the contact form to shoot me an email and I will contact you asap to propose you an appointment on Zoom or Telegram to help you.
The recommended donation for individual cessions on Zoom is $60 per hour, but if you cannot afford it, donate whatever you can, I never refuse help to anyone, whatever they can or cannot give.
And if you can donate more, well… that’s fantastic, this will be wisely used for helping more of our brothers and sisters and develop our healing network.

With Love,

Ananda L.

To make a donation :

Just feel free to give us a donation here.

This donation will serve to promote our website communication and create new events that support our beautiful artists and teachers who often are sharing this light of pure love for free (for individual cessions for those who cannot afford to pay us but need our help which we never refuse).

With Love,

Ananda L.

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Thank you Love <3