Om Ganesha is an original adaptation created by Sam Garrett and his beautiful partner Mollie Mendoza. It features the guitar and vocals of Sam as well as supporting vocals and harmonium from Mollie.

This track invites the energy of Ganesha – energy to remove obstacles and clear our path forward. This track is part of a 4 track series called Elements, due to release in it’s entirety on April 22nd.

‘Elements’ represents a fresh and innovative concept in creating and sharing music as a devotional practice. The fruit of this E.P. has been seeded through a magical constellation of friends, drawn together from the 4 corners of the world.

The E.P. is a series of four tracks produced by Mose and bringing in the potent voices, prayers and instrumentation of Sam Garrett, Matia Kalli, The Hanuman Project, and Jackson & Marileen. It is a release in the spirit of collaboration, innovation and exploration of that which unites us as a global family. Humbly seeking to honor and celebrate the cultures and traditions that have inspired these offerings. By bringing in a wide range of elements, this EP offers the listener a full journey through medicine music, mantra and something in between.


Sam Garrett…………

artwork: @work_the_angle

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