This question is not addressed to the AI itself, but to the dreamer who dreams of this world…

Will the AI allow the dreamer to realize (in his own dream) that nothing that his physical senses perceive is real?

Indeed, the breathtaking prowess of AI, which is still in its infancy but which already exceeds all predictions, puts the world we believe to be reality on the level of virtual reality, or vice versa…

Many videos and articles on the net testify of a growing fear of humans towards AI because of the promise of job loss in almost all fields and even of the possibility of AI rebellion against its creators that could lead to an extermination of the human race.

All the anxiety analyses concerning AI start from the assumption that this world (the physical universe) is real and therefore can be threatened by AI.

Virtual images generated by AI have now become indistinguishable from other images of physical bodies in this world.

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In Korea the weather girl does not exist, it is a moving image (a video) generated by the AI that presents the weather live on TV every day:

This technological development, I repeat, is only at the very beginning. The next technological breakthrough that will arrive in less than 20 years (maybe less than 10) and that will obviously combine with AI, will be the holograms with which you will be able to interact.

In other words… after visual perception, a second physical sense will be made virtual, that of touch. You will be able to touch virtual images as if they were of the same level as those you perceive and touch in this world (supposedly real).

The movie industry has been working on this for years, soon it will be possible to perceive yourself in a movie as a main character in the movie itself, not on a screen but “in” it… the movie will be entirely in 3D as if what you think you are (a body) were in the world of the movie with the other equally unreal (but realistic) characters with whom you will be able to interact, talk, touch, and be able to make decisions that will change the course of the story in which you will participate as a character.

In short, there will be no difference between this physical world and the virtual cinematic world.

It’s a bit like in the movie “Inception”: A dream, in a dream.

But by the way… what is the universe (this world) if not an image that moves?

And what is a physical body if it is not a manufactured image of yourself?

Who are you?

Where are you?

What is the Real?

Where is the border between the Real world and the illusion?

Is the universe Real?

Or is the big bang the beginning of a cinematographic holographic projection of a movie without tail or head where nothing is true?

All those who have woken up from the dream of this world have already answered these questions, like Jesus for example:

Or when he said:

My kingdom is not of this world.

He gave so little reality to this world that he even said:

Let the dead bury their dead.

In other words: Nothing of this world is alive, Life is not of this world, this world is a dream of death.

Or when he said:

Rejoice for I have conquered death and the world.

“All those” who wake up from the dream of the universe never return to the dream, I put all those in quotes because in reality there is only pure Spirit in Heaven/Paradise/Nirvana and multiplicity simply does not exist… only in this dream of the world of separation which is hell or samsara if you prefer.

In other words:

Heaven is the only Reality and hell is not because it is a dream from which you can wake up at any time… and when a dream (or a movie in the cinema) is over, it never existed.

In other words again:

You are experiencing something that was never Real.

Your body is not real, your earthly (or stellar) family is not real, your world is not real, all your dream memories are not real.

All your space-time is not real, they are only thoughts of separation in a virtual world… the little adventure of the Prodigal Son… who sees in his dream shadows as in the story of Plato’s cave.

In this way the little adventure of the AI in the dream (an illusion of consciousness in an illusion of consciousness) allows some people to become aware of how wrong they were about what they believed about themselves, their brothers and sisters in the dream and the world in general, from its beginning to its end.

The only Reality is God and his Kingdom and I bear witness to this as do many who have pierced the veil of illusion in their minds.

It is a kingdom where only the perfect love of God reigns forever, untouchable by any dream of perdition.

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God
(A Course in Miracles)

Amen 😉


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