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All you are going to see below is the story of Ananda Laurent…

—beginning of the story—

All started in 2009 when my little character moved to New Zealand and learned English, reading and watching all the videos I could find on the internet in order to understand what was going on behind the scenes of this imperfect world.

Still believing at the time that this world was not only real but also the only reality, I was very interested in this world, its past, the other extra-terrestrial civilizations…

At that time there was no website where I could share my discoveries, I was content to store the information… a real sponge 😉

I was looking for the truth, without knowing it at that time, where I could never find it: in the world.

Everyone here is going through their own process of Spiritual awakening… I share mine with you 😉

I was living in material luxury thanks to the success of my company (a webagency) in New Caledonia, which allowed me to rent a house in New Zealand more than 6000 euros per month, without having to work…

Then everything accelerated in 2010-12 when my little character moved to the US… still living in the fantasy of the materialistic dream 😉 (without judging it… it had its good sides too, as in any duality).

I continued my research on the internet (without sharing it) and I discovered so much more and more about this insane world and its hidden system of governance, that I wondered in 2012 if I was not going to write a book about all these subjects…

But not needing money I preferred to share all my discoveries with the French-speaking world in the form of a free blog on the internet, which everyone could consult… was born in September 2012.

At that time, I would never have imagined the immense success that this website would have…

In only 3 years, the site went from 0 to more than 4 million unique visitors per month.

It was madness, hundreds of emails a day that I couldn’t answer, journalists from France traveling to the United States to make my little character look like a conspiracy theorist, cyber attacks on the site by individuals and governments to try to block it or give it a bad image, bugging, the FBI came knocking at my door, and finally a lawsuit from the 2 biggest free-macon loges in France for a leak of documents that were already on the internet and that I had just reposted on my blog 😉

Sweet madness… the life of my little character now looked like a Hollywood movie 😉

During this period of time, something important happened to me, related to this website…

I was really looking for the truth, and nothing else. And as I was digging deeper and deeper down into the white rabbit hole, I realized that those who had found the truth, had not found it in the world, but within themselves, in their Spirit. And all these Wise Men said that the Spirit is pure Love in us. And therefore that the truth is of God, which is of the realm of the Spirit only.

I then made an important decision in 2014 that would totally change my life…

I had obtained in this world, what the life of this world portrays as ideal and bringing joy and happiness (a perfect and loving wife, a perfect and loving child, perfect and loving friends, and material abundance as well), but inside I still felt incomplete, something was still missing. … something that until then I had made a habit of looking for in the outside world, this “something” I decided in 2014 that I was going to find it, where the Sages told me it was… inside my Spirit. Inside my spirit (spirit and love are synonymous) and not in the world.

I decided to trust the Wise Ones and follow their path, as they themselves had followed it before me…. the only two at the time that I knew anything about were Jesus and Buddha.

I was entering a field of which I knew absolutely nothing, except for some mystical experiences, synchronicities, and an “out of body experience” at the age of 17 of my little character.

So it was in 2014 that I started meditating… it was hard at first, especially for the body that was not used to it. But I was determined to find in my Spirit what Jesus, Buddha and many others had found, that light of inner knowledge that is called enlightenment or resurrection of the Spirit. I was assiduous, I meditated as much as my body could bear, not necessarily for long at first, but very regularly.

I also prayed, asked for help and asked questions to Jesus and Buddha, my only two teachers and references at the time.

From there, my little character’s life totally changed 😉

My little persona began to frequent all the meditation circles in Las Vegas, I had become addicted to meditation, even when I went out to parties, I often preferred to sit and meditate, finding more joy and peace inside me than the outside world could bring.

The mystical experiences intensified in power and frequency.

Meditation circles led me to the discovery of Shamanism, first with ayahuasca, then with mushrooms (for which I have a preference for).

In 2015 I had the first direct experience of dissolving into an infinite golden light of pure Love. For the first time I had proof that God was real by direct experience, and that “He” was pure Love, and that this Spirit has nothing to do with this material world.

This experience was short, unimaginably real and indescribable for the human mind.

However, this experience confirmed me in the way I had chosen and strengthened me in my faith in God, not at all the “god” described in all religions, but that which was pure, perfect and Divine Love. Absolute perfection, and that was hidden in mySelf.

It was so intense that my relatives did not understand this decision to abandon everything (the material world) for God. For the Truth.

From the tie, I went to the “happy hippie” 😉

My little character divorced while staying close to his wife and son to continue his journey….

In 2016, everything I owned in this world, I gave it away, keeping only my blog to continue to share my researches, which had become internal…

The world then changed a lot in my experience 😉

New landscapes… new friends… full of wonderful encounters…

I still believed that this universe had been created by God, which continued to confuse in my mind the reality of God, his absolute perfection, and the insanity of this material and dual world… But the communication was re-established between God and me… And my little character continued to transmit what I was receiving, through the site and the various shamanic circles and ceremonies that I shared…

In 2017 the switches between these 2 worlds (Samadhis), that of duality and that of non-duality (Oneness with God) had become very frequent. The questions remained however and the answers came in the form of two teachings, first that of Ramana Maharshi, then that of Jesus with whom I had resonated since the beginning of my inner experiences with “A Course in Miracles” of which from the first readings of a few random pages taken from the blue book immediately confirmed to me the source of what was speaking in the book… namely J. or “the voice of the Holy Spirit.”

During this time I was experiencing discomfort between my inner reality and the world news I continued to share on, and this continued until 2019 when I returned to France. I had to make a decision and let go of the worldly news for a much deeper inner truth. From there the name of the site changed and became

My forgiveness work, as taught by “A Course in Miracles” continued, it was not easy, but I no longer blamed the world and took it for what it really was: lessons in forgiveness to return home: the kingdom of God.

After all, these trials were just what I had asked God for in 2015, which was an acceleration of my learning and quick awakening 😉

The world was no longer my scapegoat for projecting unconscious guilt, I was the author and no longer the victim. The work of true forgiveness as taught in “A Course in Miracles” had truly begun.

Blessed is the man who has known trial, for he has found Life. Source: Apocrypha: The Gospel of Thomas (2nd century Coptic text discovered in 1945 at Nag Hamadi in the Egyptian desert), logia 58

I was blessed by receiving an idyllic setting in France to continue my path of awakening in the best conditions, a house in Breil sur Roya was given to me, rent free, to continue both my learning as well as the transmission of these learnings to all those who recognized themselves in this path.

In 2021, in the dream of illusory time, I followed the call to head to Portugal. Blessed first by the start of a community project in the region of Castelo Branco, then in 2022 by the arrival in the south of Portugal in the region of the community of Mooji where I found an incredible number of communities already installed, and many brothers and sisters sharing this path of inner awakening.

I always share on the teachings I receive to wake up from the dream world of separation from God, I continue to do Satsangs and ceremonies to help the direct experience that strengthens the faith and certainty that the Kingdom is real… in fact it is the only reality and all this dual dream, whether pleasant or not never existed 😉

I see the dream world as J. saw it: a school for waking up.

No matter where in space-time none of these parts of the dream can be compared to the reality of the realm of pure Spirit. I bear witness to this, as do all the Sages who have realized the Self.

And I am extremely grateful to all the readers who have followed stopmensonges and lumieresurgaia (more than 10,000 articles and hundreds of videos and workshops), to all those who have not been fooled by Maya and who are following the path from the world of death to the world of eternal Life.

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I am grateful to the Holy Spirit for awakening us from the dream of death, back to eternal Life.

My favorite prayer of gratitude is this:

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih


Om, Guide me from the unreal to the real
Guide me from darkness to the light
Guide me from death to eternal life
Aum peace, peace, peace

With love,


Let's there be Peace...

...The Peace and Love of God.

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