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The pdf, audio & video books you will find here will all be coherent, pure Advaita (non-dual) and will not take you on dead ends designed to confuse you, and they will not leave you without answers.

Here it is not a question of offering a spiritual “all you can eat buffet”, we privilege quality rather than quantity.

Depending on your former beliefs, the way your mind has been programmed, some aspects of the Advaita teachings may seem to contradict partially, or even totally, what you have believed until now.

This is normal, and you will have to observe and overcome certain resistances in relation to these teachings whose goal is not “to add” to your old beliefs, but on the contrary to undo them one by one so that the light of the knowledge of Unity can shine in your heart.

In other words… be ready for a deep inner change, which is why the Holy Spirit has guided you to ichoosepeace.love.

With Love,

Ananda L.

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