When illusions are removed,
Peace is revealed.

Inner peace is not a luxury for the few; inner peace is your natural state of Being (Spirit) once your mind is healed.

Once your mind is full of peace, love and light (that is natural), the Spirit will lead your life smoothly and easily... miracles happens, life become funny and happy, whatever the circonstancies of the world, or human life 😉

But for reaching this state of bliss, you need a good teacher, and how wonderfully things are happening just on your demand.... you are exactly where you can find the best mentoring, all the answers, and a complete and adapted methodology to find and rest in inner peace.

I Choose Peace and Love !

I am Self-aware of what I am.
I give Satsangs, meditation courses, obstacles removal and inner peace mentoring (in Guatemala and on Zoom).

With Love,

Ananda Laurent
Founder of ichoosepeace.love

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Inner peace mentoring

Life as human can be a beautiful dream… or a nightmare.
Meanwhile Awakening is the Eternal Bliss of your True-Self…
Do not waste your time struggling, get some help to switch your state of mind.

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