Private Mentoring

Ananda Laurent

If you would like private mentoring tailored to where you are at in your life right now, private mentoring is available.

Private mentoring is going to help you to save time and useless suffering, it marks a turn, a change of direction at the crossroad of your life, from illusions… to the eternal Truth.

And the Truth will set you free.

On site (Cusco - Peru)


Online (Zoom cessions)

Cessions are done on Zoom and can be (if you want) recorded for your use only so you can review it privately when you want to.

Prices :

2h   : 120 USD ($60/h)

10h : 500 USD ($50/h)

20h : 900 USD ($45/h)

We can schedule the cessions from monday to sunday, I can also manage to adapt to your time zone. Please send me a text message on whatsapp or telegram (+50245669548) so we can communicate and book a cession.
Usually when you book 10h or more, we schedule 1 cession of 1h or 2h per week.

I also will give you some “OMwork” to do in between cessions, so you can rapidly put in practice the teaching and see results in your state of mind.

Group mentoring

Group mentoring are also called “Satsang“.
“Sat” means “Truth”, and “Sang” means “Gathering”.
A Satsang is a gathering for the Truth, or the discovery of the True Self…

On site (Cusco - Peru)


Online (Zoom cessions)

On demand only for special event organizers.
Please contact me on whatsapp or telegram on +50245669548 for all inquiries.


To book a private cessions on Zoom you can use paypal or bitcoin as you prefer, links are below.

If you encounter any difficulty please send me a text on whatsapp or telegram +50245669548.

Bitcoin wallet : 39Sm5QLx79f4ycLNqukY2PPMfPR5WRLnhW