ichoosepeace.love is an open hub.


ichoochepeace.love is an open hub for all advanced teachers of inner peace, as well as for some artists and organizers of festivals and spiritual retreats that work in the same direction.

Teachings that lead to the removal of obstacles to inner peace are needed all over the world and require teachers who speak the language of each country involved.

The teachers at ichoosepeace.love have the same training, methodology and course materials no matter what country you are teaching in, thus bringing consistency and confidence to the teaching of inner peace.

This is why we are looking for mainly advanced students and teachers of ACIM (A course in miracles). Because although we recognize that this is not the only way to teach, it is for us the best way, the fastest way and the one that brings great coherence in our teachings.


The different areas

Teachers/advanced students of ACIM

If you are an advanced student or a teacher of ACIM we propose you to promote you on this hub.

Your inner peace teaching is needed both for individuals workshops on Zoom/Telegram and travels to visit companies (onsite training). Please contact us through the contact form and we will talk soon.

Artists & music-therapists

Everybody knows that music can be used for healing purpose… sounds, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, voices, singing, gongs, drums, sacred mantras, frequencies…

With the good artists, the good musics, and of course the good loving intend, music can do miracles. If you resonate with this energy of peace/healing therapy, please contact us through the contact form and we will talk soon.

Retreat centers

If you own a retreat center we are interested to come and organize Satsangs, conferences, shamanic ceremonies, sound bath healing, sacred healing music festivals, and many other things together… Or we can also join you in your events to unite our skills to help our brothers and sisters…

Please shoot me an email through the contact form and we will talk soon.