There are two kinds of messages, those of the ego and those of God.

As long as we are not enlightened (awakened to the Self) everyone has these two voices within him, and in normal humans the voice that speaks for God is masked by the noise of the ego’s thoughts.

The less layers of ego there are, the louder the voice that carries God’s messages can be heard.

The messenger of God is the one who has dis-identified from the ego to become one with God and who transmits what he receives from God. On earth we call this an “avatar”.

The messenger is not the author of the messages he receives and he is the first beneficiary of them, just like all those who receive this or these messages from God through him. His role is first to receive and integrate what he receives in order to transmit it well.

God’s message is always addressed to His One and only extension of himself, which is commonly called here below: the Christ or the Self.

In the dream of duality, where it seems that there are a multitude of children of God, we say that the messages of God are addressed to all of his sons and daughters. Although in reality we know that there is only one Spirit, one Self appearing multiple in the dream of separation (maya).

These messages are therefore addressed to the Dreamer in his dream, whatever form or idea of his particular little self the ego maintains against your real Self.

There is no point in arguing with the messenger since he is not the author of the messages he receives, he transmits them and that is all. The fact that these messages reach their goal (which the messenger does not know) or that they are accepted by their recipients, does not concern the messenger. Only the purity of the transmission, without the personal addition of ego beliefs, is the responsibility of the messenger of God.

Basically, if we compare to a letter carrier, he gives the mail, he is not the author, nor responsible, and if you receive a letter from your grandmother, he is not going to add in it a note of what he thinks your grandmother wrote to you 😉

How do we recognize a messenger of God?

  • The message he gives cannot be “particular”, addressed to a specific case, or for a specific reason.
  • God is perfect Love and so are you and his messages are meant to remove the obstacles that hide this truth about who you are.
  • Joy, inner peace, humility, simplicity, are natural attributes of God’s messengers.

The goal of the messages is always to make you autonomous in order to hear the voice that speaks for God. The messengers are not there to make you dependent but only to help you at the beginning to hear what will help you to liberate yourself by opening your channel of communication with God who is within you and has never left you.

With love,


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